Years ago I saw Lindsey Lohan at a restaurant and I thought she was behaving inappropriately for a girl her age. I had my cellphone camera and videotaped it.

Jay Leno, CBS

So much baby LOLz! It had us in stitches! Watch the whole thing. It gets better and better!

Perez Hilton

Hysterical. This is what happens when a wife leaves her husband alone at home with her daughter for too long a time.

Ryan Dunn, Jackass

I want this to be looped during my entire funeral ceremony and preferably embedded in my tombstone.

Viciousfella, Youtube user
Translation by Jen Denike

Hi, I'm Johannes, the director of "Las Palmas". In the main role, as a middle aged lady, you see my one year old daughter. We fooled around in my studio for half a year, and this is the result.  Now you can get the thing - in crisp HD quality. You can download, get a making-of documentary, dvd cover, etc. But let’s not talk about all that... Hope you enjoy.

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